My attempt to make my art accessible and affordable for everyone irrespective of their social status led me to putting my art on ready-to-wear clothes. The clothing then becomes a unique piece of art which can be best described as a wearable art. It is a fusion of art and fashion. The wearable art is composed of the Adire background with an embellishment of artistic hand-printed designs and patterns inspired by the African traditional cultural elements.
This is a metamorphosis of the old tradition of tie and dye into a ready-to-wear outfits. It is a fashion concept that incorporated the traditional heritage with the embellishment of artistic cultural designs.
It is about promoting and preserving the African cultural heritage through a fusion of ART and FASHION, and to identify with our root through made-to-fit wearable art apparels. It is a fusion of art and fashion, a wearable art for everyone.

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